Will new Facebook restrictions impact your business?

Feb 19, 2021 | Blog

The recent move by Facebook to block ‘news’ in Australia has exposed the vulnerability of many organisations using Facebook to promote its business and the services they deliver. Of particular concern is the speed at which the change occurred and the wide reaching impact.  As a result government agencies like Bureau of Meteorology, Country Fire Service and South Australian Health all had their alerting services blocked. 

Gyre Digital recently posted the article Business Website or Business Facebook Page? The article discussed the pros and cons between a social media page and a business website to showcase your products and services. One of the key points we note with Facebook is that you are subject to Facebook’s rules and updates. Therefore Facebook ultimately owns the content you post and can limit its reach or remove it at any time. With a website you have full control over all aspects of your content. What it looks like, where it’s hosted, what content you post and who can see/interact with it.

So now more than ever it may be time to reconsider how you promote your business. You should ask if Facebook is really as ‘free’ as many people believe.

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