Strategy Development Overview

Strategy development at times can be made much more difficult than it needs to be. Organisations can become focused on independent elements of that development, some think that once the strategy has been defined, that is the job done. We feel that strategy development is made up of several aspects; analysis, where the current state of the organisation is identified; big picture stuff, identifying conceptual future options for the organisation; change, what happens if organisations look to change strategic direction. When thinking about Strategy Development, it’s useful to consider some important questions:

  • What is the broad direction of the organisation and how will progress be measured?
  • In the markets available to us, where will we choose to play and not play?
  • In our chosen market, how will we create a competitive advantage against our competitors?
  • What capabilities do we have and what do we have to build to win in our chosen manner?
  • What management systems and processes are necessary to build and maintain the key capabilities?

Of course, defining a strategy is only the start of the journey. Without a well defined plan for strategy execution, the effort spent in defining the strategy is often wasted or the benefits of the strategy are not fully realised.

Business Strategy

The key to a good business is defining a solid long term plan with the aim to achieve set targets or goals. In disruptive marketplaces, it can be difficult to identify where the goal posts are as traditional business models become less effective and new models enter the market. Using our methodology, we are able to assess the current business situation within your organisation and provide a range of options for the current and future business needs of the organisation. This will include the current insights, trends and digital capability needed to deliver and reform the current business to create the preferred future strategy for your organisation. The service includes:

  • Strategic Development – Discover Today – We analyse your current business situation, capabilities and challenges and prepare and present a situation report that showcases where your organisation is as of today.
  • Strategic Development – Design Your Tomorrow – We will hold discussions with decision makers and coordinate workshops with your organisations executive board and senior management to validate and reach consensus on the situation report, prioritise challenges and identify future options.
  • Strategic Development – Decide For Change – We help decide a future option, strategy and clear direction for delivering change. To do this we advise and facilitate your organisations decision-making to adopt and document a preferred way forward. Design an executable strategy to adopt change and help set the direction for progressive achievement.
  • Strategic Development – Deliver Your Strategy – We help identify capabilities needed to execute your strategy. We analyse the capacity and capability of your organisation and help you bring together the team that will deliver the strategy. Build the community and culture to plan your business change transformation.

IT Strategy

Sales Strategy

A sales strategy consists of a plan that positions a company’s brand or product to gain a competitive advantage. Successful strategies help the sales force focus on target market customers and communicate with them in relevant, meaningful ways. Our sales strategy service follows a pragmatic methodology designed to empower existing sales staff and foster growth. The service includes:

  • Current State Analysis – Review the existing marketing and sales strategy. Identify what has worked and what hasn’t and identify the reason for unsuccessful sales.
  • Implementation of expertise guide – Empower sales staff to become subject matter experts and produce documentation that defines basic terminology around the organisations products.
  • Methodology definition – How does the organisations products add value to their customers. Identify important sales activities and define processes around client visits.
  • Training and Development – Sales training, objection handling, negotiation, reasons for calling, influence etc.
  • Planning – KPI Setting, modelling achievable targets.

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