Development for Disruption Overview

As the global economy drives further post-scarcity, where goods, services and information are universally available, the opportunity for technology to impact peoples lives increases daily at an impressive pace. Throw into the mix a new breed of consumers who are time sensitive and are used to self service with the power to make things happen with the swipe of a finger on their phones, and a global middle and upper class heavy on asset ownership and you have a cauldron of opportunity to drive innovation. Global giants such as Uber and AirBnB sprung from this cauldron and built billion dollar companies on the back of a simple (on the surface) mobile app that connects time sensitive consumers with a readily available personal asset in the form of a car or a spare room. Not only did this technology fundamentally disrupt the taxi and hotel business models, it established new industries where anyone with a car or property could simply generate revenue and essentially become their own business owners.

With cloud technology becoming mainstream and more and more governments and organisations embarking on open data policies and procedures, innovation and the disruption it brings, is becoming the normal state for most industries. The phrase ‘business as usual’ is becoming a thing of the past and is rapidly being replaced ‘by change as usual’.

At Gyre Digital, we not only understand innovation and the disruption it brings, but are actively looking for opportunities to disrupt business models ourselves. There are roughly around 10 identified disruptive business models such as the subscription model (Netflix, Spotify) that disrupt through lock-in or the on-demand model (Uber, E-lance) that disrupt by monetising time, and a similar number of strategies organisations use to respond to digital disruption. By understanding these business models and the alternative responses, we are well positioned to assist in the development of your technical solutions. A particular strength of ours is to identify alternative markets and industries where your solutions may add value and bring in alternative revenue.

We also have several development teams of our own who work with organisations of all sizes to bring their innovative technology ideas to life. Our teams work across all major development stacks and mobile platforms in providing high quality solutions in the app space.

Our development teams are also busy working on our in-house solutions. We are currently developing solutions to disrupt existing business models within industries ripe for innovation such as the health industry and retail.

Application Development

Application development from concept to final product, including conceptual design, technical design, application and data architecture, development and support. We design our own apps based on ideas that come from understanding industry business models and looking for areas where our developments will solve real life problems. Our innovate apps are developed for iOS, Android and Windows. Our development team of programmers is well-versed with the latest advancements in both the Native and Cross-Platform application platforms. The service includes:

  • Project Management – Experienced project management across all stages of development through to completion.
  • Conceptual Design – Taking your ideas from their early stages through to well defined business requirements.
  • Application Architecture – Defining the functional and non-functional requirements, the static structure and dynamic behavior of how the application components interact, the data models or external interfaces and any deployment considerations.
  • Technical Design – Once the application architecture has been defined, the we can develop the technical specifications that identify the minute details of the design.
  • Development & Support – Development of the application as per the previous stages of design while adhering to best practices in coding, with performance and a scalable end product in mind. All our developments are covered by an extensive support warranty.

Identification of alternate software usage

Helping turn single use software into cross-industry platforms. As an example, we recently helped a local startup who are in the early stages of developing an application to streamline data capture to improve a specific state government long running end to end process. We were able to elevate their level of thinking from a piece of software that that solves a specific problem, to a software platform that could be used to improve multiple state government processes across various departments with a small change to the design of the application architecture. The service includes:

  • Market Scan – Understand the market that your software is targeting to be able to identify adjacent markets where it might have an applicable use.

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