Business Model Transition Overview

Business Model Transition is an iterative process that helps you consider a range of possible, probable, and preferable outcomes designed to minimise the impact of business model disruption to your organisation in a rapidly changing market. It’s not predicting the future, but rather taking a structured approach to understanding the potential impacts of today’s decisions and actions.

We help design new business models using a technique called foresight thinking. Foresight thinking (also called futures thinking) is a set of principles and practices that can be applied to solve complex problems. It combines data and trend analysis, pattern recognition, intuition, and imagination to envision desirable and sustainable paths of action. We use entrepreneurial and inventive approaches, people’s foresight, deep thinking and prototyping to help your organisation see beyond the possibilities and show you how to create your preferable future.



A consultant from Gyre Digital will immerse them self in your business and take you through a journey to understand your current business situation, capability and challenges. Our consultants will show you how your business engine and its components are working. We will also show you which emerging and disruptive trends are set to challenge your current business model. Then we will facilitate a series of workshops and become a conduit amongst your people to break down operational silos from decision makers to doers and delivery champions

The services include;

  • Asking the question – “What will my future look like?” We will ask this question in a number of different ways and explore different possible futures. For example, strategic choices a company needs to make, potential changes to an operating environment, gaining a better understanding of emerging markets and trends. We will also consider different time scales, how will your choices impact in 5 years? In 10 years? In 20 years? We will help create a bridge between rational and emotional thinking.
  • Perform a market scan – Once the question is formed, we will start looking at the big picture and explore the drivers of change that have the potential to shape your future. We will analyse current events, emerging trends, fads and external factors that could influence or impact your decision making process.
  • Mapping the possibilities – We will create three alternative future scenarios: preferable, probable, and possible. These could range from an optimistic ideal version, a pessimistic disaster scenario, or a future that is not that drastically different from the present. We will facilitate a number of workshops that will include brainstorming, visioning, and concept mapping to help construct and arrange ideas in new ways.
  • Implementing the change – We will analyse the capacity and capability of your organisation and help you bring together the team that will help you deliver the future you want to work on. We will help you build the community to plan the delivery of your business change transformation.
    • We will help you build a business capability model and delivery roadmap
    • Help establish appropriate IT architecture
    • Help build transformation program delivery teams
    • We will assist with vendor selection
    • We will advise appropriate governance structures

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