State Government Critical & Strategic Insights

Providing advice and insight into government policy and how organisations can position themselves to best align with the direction set by the premiers strategies

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Strategy Development

Using our methodology, we are able to assess the current business situation within your organisation and provide a range of options for the current and future business needs

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Development for Disruption

At Gyre Digital, we not only understand innovation and the disruption it brings, but are actively looking for opportunities to disrupt business models ourselves

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Business Model Transition

We use entrepreneurial and inventive approaches, people’s foresight, deep thinking and prototyping to help your organisation see beyond the possibilities and show you how to create your preferable future.

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Governance and Assurance

Gyre Digital understands that every organisation is different and success isn’t guaranteed by simply subscribing to a set of rigid methodologies and practices.

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At Gyre Digital, we understand current and emerging economic, social and technological trends and their impact on existing business models. For example: In a post scarcity economy, collaborative consumption, horizontal networks and the blurring of boundaries between producer and consumer are emerging, Therefore, traditional organisational constructs will be challenged, distribution capabilities will be forced to change and existing infrastructure will need to be leveraged more prudently.

Harnessing the opportunities that digital technologies offer to disrupt established ways of creating value will drive innovation and growth. As a growing demographic, post-millennial digital natives are transient, highly distracted and demand instant gratification therefore their expectations of products and services will constantly change.

In a business and consumer environment that is fast moving and often erratic, we can help to position your organisation to better anticipate the future and develop a responsive business model to meet these and other challenges.

We are skilled at opportunistic, foresight thinking to give your organisation insight into the future. Timing will be imperative to seize the opportunity and we can help you to explore and exploit new products and services to ensure your organisation is prepared.

The South Australian Government sought innovative ICT proposals from the industry through an expression of interest. Gyre Digital provided us with the insights and expertise that were critical for us to develop a compelling response to the EOI. The team from Gyre Digital was instrumental in aligning our proposal to the state’s Digital by Default Strategy, its 10 economic priorities and to focus us on delivering an innovative solution that will truly modernize the South Australian Governments ICT systems and services.

Vito Rinaldi

Managing Director, Blue Crystal Solutions

Government Insight

The team at Gyre Digital can provide expert advice and assistance to any organisation seeking to build a relationship with the state government or its agencies. We can help with the preparation of tender responses, expressions of interest and unsolicited proposals. Even if you are considering the state government and don’t know where to start, we can provide the right advice, provide viable options and establish an action plan and road-map that will help you to build a relationship with government.

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Organisations we work with…………

We believe South Australia should be the home of a world-class open source community. To ensure our dealings with South Australian Government were targeted and effective, we partnered with Gyre Digital. Their service ensured Parashift’s understanding of government priorities and the messaging would resonate and support the Premier’s vision of a technology focussed economy.

Kieran Fitzpatrick

Managing Director, Parashift

IT Strategy

Many organisation and agency budgets don’t extend to the direct employment of a “thought leader” to provide ICT leadership.

The CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) offering is designed to provide strategic advice on the development of IT strategy, project execution and IT service delivery models.

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